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I’m Charlie Hall, I have been racing motorcycles of various disciplines for 20+ years. I have won multiple championship titles, I have also held several lap records, some of which still stand over 10 years later and have competed in British Superbikes support classes.


After getting involved with The Scott Redding Young Riders Academy I discovered that I have an ability to build a rapport, understand a rider’s psychological state, provide constructive criticism and explain techniques clearly in digestible amounts.


Racecraft Rider Development was established as a platform to support the drive and passion I have to produce the next UK success in BSB, WSB or GP’s or to simply work with a trackday’er on their personal riding goals.


Why should you consider the support I can offer?

Well, in any sport including motorsports coaching is a critical element to success, just doing the sport with no direction or guidance is not enough. From an early stage professional input will set you on the right path. Developing an understanding of the correct techniques & racing lines will avoid picking up bad habits, keep you safe and create solid foundations for advanced skills to be introduced as your riding career progresses.


Call it rider coaching, mentoring, tuition or instructing. Ultimately I see what I do as Rider Tuning. I am a firm believer in tuning a rider to get the most from their motorcycle before spending money on bike upgrades and ‘bilingy’ bits.


Speak to you soon,



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